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SAFR Diagnostic Tool Features


The days of Dyno dependency are over. AFR data viewing, in real driving situations, is the new standard. Troubleshoot in minutes with the SAFR, a plug and play diagnostic tool from MT Pockets Performance.

Easily installed on most motorcycles, ATVs and UTVs the SAFR provides a simple analog gauge with a wideband O2 system that displays the vehicle's air / fuel ratio (AFR) values and allows riders to fully understand how their vehicle is running. The SAFR is a diagnostic tool which ensures the vehicle is running at optimum levels on the street or in the dirt. It is not intended to be a permanent installation. The unit is fully compatible with all vehicles.


Looking to find out how the SAFR functions or stacks up to the competition? Start here to find demonstrations of how the diagnostic tool works, see how easy it is to install, and compare to other products on the market. A number of short video clips are provided to aide you in learning this technology.


Looking to purchase or rent the SAFR? Already have a SAFR and looking for replacement parts? Checkout our online store to get the parts you need now.


Already purchased the SAFR, but have a few questions? Check this section to find common troubleshooting tips, general operating advice, and installation procedures. If you can not find the support you are looking for then give us a call or shoot us an email and we will be glad to assist you.


If anyone is having trouble jetting their bike like I did then you need to contact MT Pockets Performance. They are great over the phone and can answer almost any question you have about tuning. They have a product called the SAFR which is an at home AFR tester. The product can be rented from them for $20 a week. I did it and honestly you can't beat the cost over taking it to a dealership and paying for the dyno machine!! Call them. It's a good decision.

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