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Impressed with our product? Let others know by sending us a testimonial and we'll post it on this page. Contact us about how we helped you achieve the best tune-up with your powersport's vehicle.

From: Bob Kortan

I have 2010 Victory Vision I have been slowly trying to improve the performance on. I spoke to Arlen Ness Vegas and Billy Rohm about what steps to take in order to make my bike run better but was not looking to make a hot rod. I took their recommendations and installed the Lloydz timing gear, Arlen Ness mid air cleaner, along with the K&N air cleaner up front. What a difference I now had, but my bike was running really lean. I purchased the Lloydz VFCIII which allows plenty of fuel adjustments so I put one on my bike. Being a gear head I wanted to know what AFR I was running. I was looking on the MT Pockets site for the optimum recommended AFRs and discovered they had a tool they rent for $20 a week that provides AFRs as you ride. Wow I had to get it to use. I sent for the tool which took three days to arrive. I was anxious to find out what was going on in the combustion chamber of my bike. A very simple tool to use that hooks up at the 02 sensor and 12V outlet with a small gauge that I just taped on my dash. Once the motor warms up it provides instant AFR readings. I found that I was actually very close to the AFRs I was looking for and only added a little adjustment from the recommended settings on the way my bike is set up.

I ride 5 over the speed limit and am not a canyon carver, but now I have to force myself to take it easy as I ride. I have such a smile on my face because of the performance of my bike.

I was looking for a simple way to improve my bikes performance without spending a lot of money. The guys at MT Pockets have provided me with the tools to get it done.

All I can say is THANKS.

From: markswhitehonda - HondaATVForums.net Member

If anyone is having trouble jetting their bike like I did then you need to contact MT Pockets Performance. They are great over the phone and can answer almost any question you have about tuning. They have a product called the SAFR which is an at home AFR tester. The product can be rented from them for $20 a week. I did it and honestly you can't beat the cost over taking it to a dealership and paying for the dyno machine!! Call them. It's a good decision.

From: Jonathan

I just wanted to let you guys know that I was very pleased with the way the guys at MT Pockets helped me handle the situation I was having with my bike. I give a big shout out to the techs who spent a countless amount of time with me on the phone walking me through the steps on how to work on my bike which is an 08 honda foreman (carbureted)!! You guys are awesome and the O2 sensor setup which is also known as the SAFR was a fabulous idea. Glad you guys introduced it to me! In my eyes it's like an at home dyno machine. It's most definitely a way easier and cheaper route than finding someone with a dyno. I had a few things to work through on my bike with the air/fuel ratio and I'll say the SAFR is the tool for the job! Not only is it easy to install, but you actually are able to put your bike down real life trails to adjust your bike's "AFR" to how you ride your bike and how the trails affect it with different levels of stress. The SAFR is a much better way out than your usual dyno machine. You may not get a graph from the SAFR, but unless you're trying to have a race bike there's no need for all that. I personally will be sending my buddies to MT Pockets for any carbureted and/or fuel injected needs. Again i appreciate you guys at MT Pockets for all of your assitance!!

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