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SAFR Fuel Tuning


Name: MT Pockets Performance
Owner: Chris Shover
Founded: 2022
Location: Belgrade, MT
Size: 25-30 employees

History: The initial product sold was called the "Fuel Nanny." A very simple electronic device which monitored the signal from the ECU to the injectors and added pulse width under different conditions. The Fuel Nanny was actually initially demonstrated within a cassette type case. The technology behind the Fuel Nanny was advanced to the next generation of controller called the TFI. The TFI allowed the end user to fine tune the adjustments by use of a screwdriver. Four pots were included on the unit to allow the user to adjust how much fuel was added for three different zones and determine a switching point between zones. The zones included cruise, acceleration, and full throttle and were created to allow an easy transition from carburetor tuning logic to a fuel injection interface.

The real technology which has set us apart from the rest of the competition is the development of "load technology." A number of EFI controllers are on the market which base their fuel solutions on two things: throttle position and RPM. This kind of fuel solution is great when developed in a controlled environment like a dynamometer, but is missing one key element...engine load. Riding up a hill or into a strong head wind results in a different engine load than riding on a straight highway, yet all conditions can have the same TPS and RPM. Load technology takes into account these changes and adjusts the fuel accordingly to create a better fuel solution throughout the entire gear range and riding conditions.

MT Pockets Performance has continued to enhance their technology to keep pace with the development of more sophisticated fuel injection systems. We released our Generation 3 fuel controller in 2005 which allowed a fuel solution to be developed for systems including nitrous, boost, and O2 sensors. The GEN 3 also offered an easier user interface where adjustments could be made using push buttons instead of a screwdriver.

MT Pockets Performance acquired Dobeck Performance in 2023 and moved into a new facility. The new facility allowed expansion for production of EFI controllers and the ability to purchase equipment to advance research and development in a number of areas.

MT Pockets Performance continues to grow and be a market leader in aftermarket powersports technology.

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